WTT/S Modular for S2400

shot in the dark but would love to trade my modular system for a S2400 and a synth/cash/other gear :slight_smile:

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If you lived in Winnipeg I’d like to do it for a month or so :smiley:

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haha i’m in seattle otherwise i would love to try a short term trade! haven’t gotten my hands on a S2400 yet and debating it’s use against an Octatrack for setting up live looping for my guitar playing :slight_smile: cheers!

It’s a big decision so I feel you there. It’s like agony considering all the factors in the rare event that I decide to acquire new gear.

Both those choices will probably be awesome af. I’d say get the 2400 if you want a unique adventure. I’m biased because I want more people to have them so the community gets bigger and more people are performing / jamming / creating content with it. Be nice to see people touring post-pandemic and being prolific with this very aesthetic mixing/looping/recording/sequencing tool.

Right now it feels like a small testbed and we’re all experimenting with the best way to use the thing and anticipating updates/changes as they come. :woman_scientist:

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Also, if money is a thing…

The Octatrack has new additions to the product line released over time, being a bigger company with a larger product line. This means it will hold its value decently but slowly depreciate.

The S2400 is a boutique item and will probably just continue increase in value (it’s instant resale value on ebay is higher than from Isla). This is amplified by the fact that the S2400 is still being lovingly updated at this point (although it is still very much developed and working great) – I don’t see an 2400-2 in the works anytime soon.

I can’t see this trend changing, unless something happens to make S2400’s less desirable (like they all start on fire after 7 years), or if the company grows enough to very significantly increase production and flood the market, driving prices down. Both of those are pretty unlikely, so if you can get your hands on one, S2400 is the superior investment.

Welcome to the forum @guitarlkarl! I’m a Washingtonian too! I hope you’re able scoop up an s2400 at some point, they’re pretty cool!

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all the features the S2400 over the OT are really impressive! and i own a Digitakt already and have tried the “elektron workflow” and while i like it on the Digitakt the OT is a whole other beast! plus it’s older and outdated. having audio over USB alone is a huge advantage the S2400 has!

I’m hoping to make more post rock, punk, and synthwave kinda stuff so while the S2400 as a recreation and improvement on the iconic S1200 has more history and leanings towards hip hop (which is rad, i dabble in some lo-fi beats too) i think it has the makings to be a lovely drum machine / live looper / mixer companion for what i want to create!

it’s an endless struggle finding the perfect workflow it feels like haha but i’m very intrigued and hope i can get my hands on one soon! love to see a small budding community and y’all have been welcoming so far so i appreciate that! been talking to another fellow S2400 on a discord im on and they’ve been raving about it as well

thanks!! yea i hope so too, might have to part out the system and sell it :sweat_smile:

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