Where can I buy a S2400 in the UK?

As per the title, where can I buy a new S2400 in the UK?

New, I guess not. You will have to buy from the US. Near mint: here

Too much hassle getting it from the US, shame there’s no distributor here for them.

eBay, Facebook, Reverb, Gumtree.

There’s a guy on Facebook selling one at the minute.

it really isn’t, you just place the order and pay the import tax. I had zero hassle ordering mine.

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How much did you end up paying all in all?

I bought mine in '21, so $1499+shipping+VAT at 20% would’ve been around £1530 after exchange rate

edit: added shipping

It’s actually a complete opposite and I’m sure it’s much easier than trying to get something locally


WHAT!! same day delivery in the UK?
I remember the days you had to wait 5 or 6 months.

The good ole days, haha.



I’ve ordered my machine in August and thanks to some trouble with U(nbelievable)PS it will hopefully arrive next Tuesday. The same day Juno Records guarantees to deliver a new S2400.

I’ve paid a reduced price (Regular Pre-Order) + $128 for shipping (10x more than shipping from UK) + import charges + import handling. This is about 50,-- less than the price at Juno Records (including shipping + tax + import).

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UPS is a joke worldwide, not only on UK soil. they lost my parcel in a warehouse, guys are not reliable, their CRM is not working diligently. and they would not call you to make things simple.
it’s always someone else 's fault.
and they don’t see any problem when you’ve escalate to NOT reimburse you, even after 6 weeks of transit rather than 10 days.
it’s not a rip off but it’s so close that you’re getting crazy
good luck,

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