SP2400 Preorder/Quantity

I don’t mean any disrespect however Financially speaking, this perhaps may not be a purchase for you. There are also options to finance if you can only spare a few bucks a month. If one has to choose between eating and buying some equipment then this may be something you close your eyes on.

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I’d been at the checkout so many times before and today I finally hit that button! I’m from down under, I don’t really care when mine comes. If I get an approximate date then at least I have something to look forward to.


Covid potentially affecting shipping is real. A second lockdown is likely coming based on rapidly rising numbers. I really hope to have this thing before that happens :crossed_fingers:t5: so I can get to know her for a few weeks while in isolation. Either way I’ll be happy whenever I get it. This machine is basically my dream come true. Modern hardware with vintage sound gyeaaah!


Waited 22 months for my Pulsar23… Beat this ISLA!

welcome, you made it just in time as the price goes up in about 5 hours

the next 2-3 months will fly by anyway and you will be looking at a 2021 with a new baby to enjoy

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any chance you can just drop the chat about the fear please?

be nice if we could keep this place clean from B.S

@Boesenberg oooooooft that is pain i could not endure, you have the skills brother

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Not trying to spread fear about estimated shipping dates, just want to encourage that if somethings good I’m very willing to stay patient and wait… Don’t rush! Peace

no i was talking of the 2 years for the pulsar :+1:

the fear comment was aimed at the comment above talking of other stuff we should leave well alone in this place

Do you know if this was on FaceBook, InstraGram, etc? I’m not finding it and people are asking me XD

Sorry, if what was on Facebook/Instagram ?

The december/january thing

Both, a few times, often in reply to some people’s individual comments under unrelated posts so probably tedious searching for it. The latest couple I saw he just said January

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I think the latest big statement on shipping is here, at least that I’ve seen, the intention was that half the first batch will arrive in the next week or two and be sent out, while the remainder will be with Isla in mid November and be shipped from there:-

For those of us who only ordered in the past couple of weeks I guess we will be at the back of the queue, so January seems about right. But as others have fairly said there’s a lot happening in the world right now so there’s always the potential for slippage … although it’s probably easier for me to be patient when I only ordered recently than those who’ve been waiting a year or more. Anyway, I’d say based on this video that there should hopefully be another update in the next couple of weeks that will provide further clarity, they’ve been super transparent all along the way so far.

Yes, this has been posted earlier in the thread. The unknown is wether or not that whole first batch is enough to cover the more recent orders as well.
If it is, that would mean the last 10% build on each machine he mentioned in the video (fitting knobs & stuff + flashing the latest OS?) would occupy them full time up until January included. 4 months seems a bit much for just that, hence the interpretation that when he’s replying January to whoever is asking right now, that’s likely to be from a second batch.
As for the wait, on the contrary, it’s much more bearable for those of us who ordered more than a year ago as we’ve been very well cared for with constant updates on schedule and every single detail all along. That was not only very entertaining but built rock solid confidence in the product and manufacturer, leaving very little to be afraid of. I’m sure most early birds are nothing but enthusiastic, way past worrying about a couple more months delay at this point.

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Yeah, no doubt. Speaking personally, the level of transparency and updates are the main reason I was comfortable pre-ordering, which is only something I’d do in exceptional cases.

I’m gonna guess that the price change flushed out a bunch of people who’d been watching and waiting - including me - so possibly it will require a second batch. With that said, though, if the boxes are arriving in mid-November probably I don’t think it’s unreasonable that it’d take until January to send out, taking in to account Christmas. Either way it looks like it’s going to be well worth whatever the wait is.


Another “fun” deduction while waiting for more details, the half batch coming by air is said to be weighing “almost 4 tons”, that could be 500 to 600 units. So at least we can guess the full first batch is 1000 to 1200 units. No information on the global number of orders to compare it to though.


Lol, I thought I was the only one who did the weight calculation when he dropped that number.


I guess your calculation was pretty darn close, lol.


Some of you have probably seen the latest Facebook post:

Orders before January 2020 out of the air shipment, by the look of things everyone else out of the second batch that’s coming by sea.


Hey dudes, do you already have any distribution for Europe? Or anything planned in this direction?