Question about the encoder durability

I’ve used the s2400 for about 6 months now.
Not a hardcore user, just doing beats when I have time at the weekend. Nevertheless I use the encoder 90% of the time rather than faders or buttons.

Recently I’ve noticed that the encoder “push” seems to be unresponsive from time to time. Sometimes I have to push twice for example.
Not something terrible but noticeable.

What about people who have used the machine since December or more than that?

I’m wondering if it’s just me :slight_smile:

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I received mine In January and I use the encoder exclusively.
Rarely touching the faders.
I’m using it probably 5 days a week a few hours a day and I haven’t noticed any problems with its response.


They are very high quality encoders. They should last many years.

@tnkz76 Your knob may have slid down a bit. That happened to me. Loosen the set screw, adjust the knob, and re tighten the screw.


Thank you. I ll check this.

I’ve just done it so I m sharing a few pictures if it can help someone else in the future.

The readjusting procedure is a bit random concerning the height and the strength needed for the screw. But as it’s easy it can be done as many times as needed.

It can be done with a screwdriver with a hex m2.0.

I ll create a “hardware” feature request but let me share my thoughts here.

I would pay for a V2 jog wheel with the following specifications for example:
-bottom of the knob that is close to the surface like the mix out and the phones knob on the left.
-top of the knob that is “clickable” while the bottom of the knob is close to the surface. For example a plastic moving part on top of the knob. I wouldn’t mind if we loose the luxury feel of the current know.

With the current knob, there is the possibility that it slides down. Which is difficult to be sure after dismounting because we don’t know the original position. Screwed like this (floating position in the middle of the knob) it creates a light wooble. Even if it seems it was screwed quite tight at first.


How about putting some kind of rubber or foam “o-ring” or a washer? Not metal obviously, but a rubber or foam o-ring might fit just enough in that little gap, but since it’s a little squishy it would allow the encoder to be pushed down. You might have to try different kinds of o-rings to find just the right amount of flex, but could be worth a shot?

Also, if the knob slides down, how about putting something inside the knob, something tiny that can be easily be removed? Just to prevent the knob from sliding further down

I don’t get why yours slides down, there’s a little ledge as shown in your pic that the screw stops this happening.
I took mine apart last night to see why it wobbles but it’s the shaft :face_with_hand_over_mouth: going into the pot that wiggles. Not a big deal.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I ll check again when I have time.

I didn’t think about touching the encoder’s shaft. In this case, there’s probably nothing that can be done but not a big deal indeed. :slight_smile:

My shaft was wobbly too so I took the knob off and tightened the nut with a socket.

That was one hell of a sentence.


I’ll never grow up

I’d just glue it

Gluing the pot is potentially a very bad idea.

My S2400 only hours after unboxing, had an issue with the encoder. but it wasn’t related to the knob. It was the threads on the encoder, the nut that secures it to the chassis had been cross threaded and the threads were damaged. I removed the encoder and replaced it with a new Bourns encoder (it’s a common part, other gear uses this size of encoder). Have not had any problems with this since.
The issue that can arise with the knob that Isal chose to use on this, is because the bore of the knob is deeper than the shaft of the encoder. This allows the knob to slip downwards on the encoder shaft and the knob bottoms out on the face of the enclosure. The encoder that I replaced the original failed encoder with, has a longer shaft length, so that the knob bore bottoms out on the shaft before it can interfere with the faceplate of the S2400. This would be a better design decision in the future, to use a shorter knob bore, or a longer encoder shaft.


Would you mind showing how it looks and give an example of a reference for a replacement encoder and knob?

My encoder push feels less and less responsive. I’ve tried to adjust the knob height 2 times today. Doesn’t seem to have improved much. Clicking randomly anywhere and making people angry in the same time :scream_cat:

I ve just tried with a turntable spindle cap to eliminate the knob height adjustment factor.

Way better than expected when rotating the encoder but I still have the same “push” problem.
Often needs to be pressed two or three times in a row to work.

Any advice on what else I could try? Maybe trying to readjust the nut at the base? Putting a chemical product on the shaft or inside the encoder if there is an opening somewhere?

mine has gotten loose as well, more so side to side like it’s high on the pole piece. I used it for everything that I can though i’ve prob spun it 10s of thousands of time. was going to try lowering it on the pole but just saw your mention about push problem and wonder if i would just create myself that issue as well. oh well, certainly not an impedence just noticed also

If that screw or plug gets loose on mine, I’d probably consider putting some blue thread locker on it.


Wouldn’t that make it hard to disassemble the entire unit for service, or to add a daughter card?

Blue thread lock isn’t permanent and allows for screw removal. The unit can be opened and serviced without removing knobs.

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Quick update about this topic. I ve just replaced my encoder. Everything seems fine now. Thanks to Rob for the response and the support.

It is a relatively simple process (removing screws and connectors, no soldering). :slight_smile:

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would you mind to specify? did u receive a modified encoder? i hava the same problem when pushing down and was just about to loosen the screw and make it tighter. :v: