Encoder issue

I am seeking guidance on an Encoder issue. I am able to depress and activate using the encoder.
The encoder is having an issue when I attempt to scroll. Is anyone having this issue?

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i had the same issue when i received my s2400. the encoder had to be replaced. you should create a ticket


this saddens me somewhat

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I too have the same issue I have raised a ticket but am so excited to receive it I am going to plug away!



I have not heard word of the ticket yet regarding encoder. You?

Nothing yet but I guess they are busy I’ll hang on a few more days as I’m busy with work. Will report back when I hear something.

Got a reply and sent off a small video of the problem.

same. sending in for repair.

My encoder just failed, not 2 hours out of the box. WTF!

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So. I probably totally just voided my warranty… but I took the S2400 apart, and found that the nut on the rotary encoder was stripped, and the encoder had gotten loose in my short use. Looks like it was cross threaded at assembly? Replaced the b0rkd encoder with a new Bourns part and put it back together with a new nut and a lock washer. Working good again. Maybe this is a quality control issue? Those threads on the encoder are pretty fine. It could be easy to cross thread if the assembler was in a hurry.

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my encoder also doesn’t work. it goes up down up down when scrolling one way.

created ticket and awaiting reply for few days.

still usable thanks to the buttons.

dafuq :sob: hope you get it sorted , phew that we have other options

did you try the solution offered above ? unscrewing the pot, resitting it then retightening the screw?

not yet… awaiting word from isla first!

i might have a look inside once wood sides arrive.

I don’t have any open tickets dude - can you check your replies please?

no replies. should i submit another ticket?

"Thanks for your question. We’ll send you an answer via email "

ticket just submitted to tech support via website… same as last time.

I replied to your previous ticket six days ago.

I’ve just replied to your latest one.

You may need to check your junk email folder.

thanks for that! ill see how the fix goes and let you know.

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Glad you got it :slight_smile:

Make sure you reply to this ticket once you’ve tried the fix as there will be follow ons if it isn’t successful.

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Got my S2400 a couple days ago and the encoder doesn’t work. As others have said, it just goes up and down when being turned in either direction. I love the machine but this is very off-putting, especially since it wouldn’t be easy or cheap to send it back. I’ll be opening a ticket and hoping I can solve it myself.