Phone 1 & 2 Stopped working

Phono 1&2 stopped working. Was working fine yesterday but now it comes up as Line 3&4 and doesn’t have the lower sample rate option. It’s pretty weird. Anyone have any ideas?

Besides that and the Main Knob being super loose, I think the screw that holds it in place wasn’t tightened and is there so I’m rocking the encoder without a knob, the S2400 is pretty cool. Build quality and features are really solid. Can’t wait for midi to start working so I can integrate it into my studio setup.

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I don’t have my unit in front of me but doesn’t the encoder knob have a tightening port that a hex allen key would fit into and tighten? (if it is indeed that type of screw I’ve seen both that and a flat head types). I know that doesn’t help with the phono 1/2 issue. You may need to open a ticket for that.


start a ticket for sure if you have not turned them off in settings somewhere

Do you know where in settings you can turn them off? I couldn’t seem to find that but want to make sure I didn’t accidentally turn off Phono 1 & 2.

Those settings are found by pressing shift and then input mon I think it’s the 6th button on the top. The first option in the settings is on/off and the second option is to select 1&2 or 3&4 or Phono 1 or Phono 2.