Poly on Multi-mode slice?

Loaded sample on A5 multi mode sliced it.
Kick, snare, hats on A1-A4
Recorded the first slice in sequencer (and ongoing drone-type sound triggered a few times throughout 4 bars)
I want to add in the other slices (pads A2-A5 mutinied) at various points while the drone (A1) continues to play.
But that doesn’t happen. It chokes the drone sound, or the new hits I’m attempting to add.

For instance, the same sample and same set-up in Serato Sample, there is a “Poly” button.
activating that allows what I’m trying to do.

I thought that this would be possible with the extra polyphony on the S2400?
Unless I’m missing something simple.


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Hi, you can’t have multislices overlapping on the same output. There’s a topic about this just below.

Ahh I see that now. Just missed it. Thanks

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