I would love multi mode save all slices

What would be really nice if you can when in multi mode/ loop slice: dump the 8 parts to their own sample. So it could make 8 samples in a folder or something like that. And it would be a great way to get 8 samples edited at once.


+1—-why I love akai Mpcs , my mpc x feeds a lot of my other samplers including the isla.
I was surprised this wasn’t a feature when I received my isla 2400 a few weeks ago , the 2400 copies a lot of the sp1200 but not the mpc line of samplers . However you can emulate the s950 sound which I love , I love the isla as much as my og 1200 though

I’ve got an mpc live and I’m interested in how you work them together.

I got my Isla last week and I love it but I am finding limitations that I didn’t expect that have made me have to rethink work flow. The biggest being that I can’t easily bounce my synths I’m sequencing to samples in the Isla. Easiest way to get tracked audio into the s2400 is live looping but then everything is mono.

I love the s2400 but I’m encountering some workflow snags that might be alleviated if I just start working it with my Akai. Idk

Did you try ‘bounce pattern’ for this? It will be stereo and can be a lot longer bigger than 2MB.

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Do I just solo the midi track? Haven’t tried that yet, unfortunately I’m currently working on something that has 100 individual chord patterns so I won’t have room for all of them anyway. But when I go back to my proceeding project this would def be a lifesaver. Usually I’m not that ambitious but I had a chart of 100 crazy poly chords and I’m programming one into each pattern. On number 68 right now lol

Also wish I could live sample while playing over a track, not live looping but being able to record a two minute stereo guitar or keyboard solo over a beat.

Yes, exactly.

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