I just got my unit, now what?

Maybe this exists. Delete if so. Got mine last night and set about converting years of mpc samples to wav and sending to the 2400. My reference disks are all zips. Load to machine save to cf then to machine. Very time consuming and it sucks not to have the sequence info. I figured out a lot but chopping and sequencing is next. Forge ahead.

I don’t know of any auto-extractor from MPC formats but someone should make one (for Isla or even stuff like Maschine)

Painstaking to do it manually as you are.
I am hoping to use my time waiting for delivery to prep some of the stuff I plan to use immediately.

ask yourself , do you really need ALL those samples?

i would just record them in as i want them if i cannot transfer via usb

or can you not play them as audio anymore?

Me personally- I agree with you.


Just in case this person or someone reading this thread prioritizes live performance or wants to make the 2400 the brain of their setup I understand this question.

For the record in my opinion this is not a good use of Islas development resource but it’s a viable business for a 3rd party to consider (100% opinion - no facts here, just thinking out loud)

Which MPC format are we talking about? If the audio files are in .SND format, there are tools already out there that can convert. Something like Awave or Chicken Systems Translator. I think Audacity might even open them, although don’t quote me on that.

I can’t imagine there will ever be a project convertor that will convert sequences from MPC to S2400 as the sequencers are so different.

MPC .SND files can be imported into any wave editor as RAW Data.
Then set the import to 44100kHz, 16 bit PCM, Little Endian.

p.s. I wouldn’t touch Chickensys Translator with a barge pole. I’ve owned it for 7 years and have had nothing but constant bugs and corrupt files. I don’t trust it to do anything correctly.


I probably sound dumb but I’m not sure the manual is clear. When editing a sound do I have to go into slice/ multi? I’ve had some success but to be clear, the manual doesn’t even tell you what buttons to press. I’ve stumbled upon most things. On the sp, I can copy a sound and copy again after editing. Is there a workflow for that?

to edit a sound you need to go to slice/loop yes. There is a waveform editor for visual help and more which you can acces by pressing the A button.

In the waveform editor if you press Save you can save your sample as another file.

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