Slaving a Studio440

Hello Team 2400,

Really enjoying my amazing 2400 here in France!!
Quick question please, I’ve easily slaved the MPC X through Midi OUT but now I would like to slave my Studio 440… Anybody succeed that way?

Thx in advance :wink:


Please reach me via DM where I can provide my address for you to ship me the 440 so I can get the settings nailed down for you. I will then promptly return the 440 to you in no more than 1 to 5 years :smiley:


Sure Message sent. The package is ready :+1:t4:

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I had a Studio 440 for years, I love love loved how it sounded.
I never had any sync input problems with it.

Are you sure your S2400 clock output settings are sending what you want the Studio 440 to receive?

Are you using the sync input or midi in?
Might be obvious but worth a check, there’s also the little switch on the back for midi input, check settings in system-clocks and system inputs, it’s been a while since I used mine but it was always easy to sync in and out, I can’t remember for certain but sure I used the sync terminals… if your still stuck I’ll dig the manual out

Ok I got it. 2400 Midi out <-> 440 Sync In. Clock input set to Midi clocking.
My sequence wasn’t in play/pause so that’s why it wasn’t starting. Working very well now, I’ll check if sync is tight enough…

Thx Sunshine :wink: Thx dprogram :wink:

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The only thing I’m missing since I sold few years ago 2 times a 440 (yes 2 x 440 -:slight_smile: is the scale function.
Wondering what the normalization is really doing (kind of compressor crashing the sound in a beautiful way)
Maybe the s2400 should be able to do this as well ?

Have you explored re sample?