Minor Bugs

Got it. Thanks.
Nothing wrong with the file, or its file name. And since it affects all sounds in the folder, it is probably some weird character in the folder name that is confusing the machine.

It’s saying the file is too large is there a private email i can send this too you?

The sounds in the folder work when loaded onto a pad. The problem is I can’t preview the sound before I load it onto the pads like all of the other folders.

I understand. I copied that file to a folder on my SD card and it previews just fine. There is nothing strange about the file. It must be the folder name.

Yeah I just deleted the folder off of the sad card because for some reason it still does not audition the sounds and there are thousands of sounds in that folder

@Mickey I just ran into this problem the last couple days. Not related to characters in folder or name but I was able to narrow it down further.

example I went to load sounds preview didn’t work on pad A4 but when I moved to pad 5 preview worked.

Any idea??

i don’t know if this is the right place, but anyhow;
Im trying to download the firmware for Mac, but it doesn’t find any programs to open it.
Also I’m wondering if there will be more updates soon and if its better wait for that, or are they coming frequently?
Other makers, how you solved it?
Have a nice day

The firmware update gets copied to the S2400 SD card, not opened on your computer.
See the instructions at the top of this topic.

Every firmware update fixes bugs and adds features. Whether you install them or not is up to you. My opinion is that each one should be installed when it comes out.

@jon2jay Is that true all the time? Like, you never get sound preview when assigning to A4?

Mickey it’s not the s2400! I added a mixer and ran the individual outs-- the preview doesn’t work on the even pads (my right channels) but sounds play. I’m not sure how or why that’s the case but it’s def related to the mixer. disregard. sorry!