Audition samples whilst scrolling issue

Hi All

Another one since the last firmware update. The audition of samples whilst scrolling is occasionally dropping out with a reboot needed to be able to hear the audition again.


Same here, but I experienced it only once.

what are your cards specs ?

Same here. Internal samples not from the card have this issue.

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I’ve had this issue to, but can’t say what I’m doing to cause it.

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I’m having it now. I just got a s2400 a few weeks ago and am just learning it, and zero auditions. , well, it did it for a sec, then gone. and now even after restarting many times, it’s still not working, also I’ve been searching for a way to do a hard reset, if there is one, and I can’t find it . And I have the latest firmware.

Happens a few times here too. Usually, an entire sample folder doesn’t audition (wav)… then check another folder and it’s fine and auditioning again.

I have had this happen to me too.

I also noticed that if a sample is long and it is triggered through preview, sometimes other samples just cannot cut it off until that long sample finishes playing even though you moved the cursor to another item.

Yes, I’m experiencing this now at different random times. Have to switch folders then go back to the one that was giving me problems and then it works. Weird