Minor Bugs

  1. The S2400 won’t show files that were in a folder that has rates of 48k 24 bit. It shows weird characters. Is this because the bit rate is non compatible?

  2. I also have a folder that has samples in it but would no audition the files when I scroll in a particular folder that has samples with a rate of 44100 16bit but I can load the sounds on the pad and the pad plays fine how do I fix the audition on this particular folder of sounds?

  1. 48K sample rate, 24-bit depth is supported. Can you upload one of the files so we can see the file names? Maybe take a pic of your S2400 screen so we can see the weird characters?
  2. Does it only happen on one folder? Not others? Were you using the “assign sound” or “load sound folder” functions? or the “browse files” function (which does not automatically audition)?
  1. Sorry the sample rate was 44100 24 bit and not 48k 24

  1. It’s weird display any of the above files that are in 44k 24 bit

  1. The audition of sounds only happen in this one particular folder that isn’t displayed in the form of pictures. All of the other folders work fine except for the problem with the one listed above.

What is the name of the folder on the SD card? Does it contain a slash like the folder on your Mac?

Yes the folder is exactly the same name with the slash in it. The folder name is Artist Collection / Bryan Michael Cox

Slashes are technically not allowed on FAT32 devices. We will work on handling that.
In the meantime, please try renaming that folder on the SD card from your Mac, then see how the S2400 likes it.

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Ok I will try renaming the folder. What about the folder that isn’t auditioning sounds but I can load the sounds onto a pad from another folder?

I tried to upload a video but the video was too large

Might be a similar issue. I would like to know the name of the folder, and the names of the files. A straight-on screen shot would be helpful.

Bonus breaks chops is the folder name

What is the full name of that file?

The name of the file is Classic Break Beats 2_Track01 003.wav

Also the file that you had me rename without the / worked. But I’m still having an issue with the auditioning of the above file/folder still not working.

Can you upload Classic Break Beats 2_Track01 003.wav?
Or send it in a private message if you’d rather.

All the sounds in the same folder will not audition before I load them to a pad.

Sorry, @Whitej914, the upload feature just lets me play it, which is not useful. Perhaps, can you zip it?

Hey @Mickey - In Firefox at least I see a Save Audio As right click menu on the file. It keeps the file name in tact as well.