Low Output Levels

I have my S2400 outputs 1-8 patched (TRS) into my audio interface and have to boost all input gains by +24dB in my DAW in order to get a decent level coming in. Will there be an option to boost the output level gain for Outputs 1-8?

Try with TS cables .
Additionally, you can adjust normalization levels per track to give it a boost.

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Same levels using a TS cable. I just have to max out the trim on my DAW input channelsS2400 - DAW Input Trim Max

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This doest sound like a normal thing to me. I wish I knew what " psuedo" balanced actually is too. Maybe this is a firmware fixable thing ? I really want to use the individual outs to an analog board but dont want elevated noise floor in the process.


Pseudo balanced (TRS) outputs just one phase of the signal and the other is grounded. Unlike Balanced which outputs 2 signals that are 180 degrees out of phase of each others. This is how I understood it
Psuedo Balanced Cable Wiring-2

Hopefully the outputs can be gain adjusted like the inputs can. Or Brad can tell me what resistors need to be changed :smile:


I’ll let @av500 answer this one.


Using TS cables here, and I am noticing that I have to throw about 10db of gain at my mixer to get the level up hot enough on the mix out, also have an inline compressor that is adding another DB or 2. Compared to my SP-16 and SP-1200 its definitely not as hot of a signal, but its plenty loud enough to record cleanly.

av500? Who Dat?

Are all the samples normalised and are the internal mixer channels up full? And when you say a decent level, what dbfs is it appearing at in your DAW? The type of cable you use shouldn’t make a difference as far as I can see in this case.

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I loaded a 0dB 1Khz tone on all pads A1-A8. I have played them with all levels (faders up) maxed out. Using my RME interface input meter, the level registers at about -24dB. So within my Daw, I max out the trim to +24dB. I’m sure this can be recreated on the test benchS2400-Output Level-0db_Tone

That sounds about right to me to be honest. They’re not balanced outputs, so it won’t come in that hot. If the receiving equipment is set up to operate at +4dBu then the S2400 pseudo balanced outputs will need some boosting I think. I have the same thing with several pieces of equipment that have unbalanced outs.

Edited to say that bear in mind 0dbFS in the DAW is usually something like +18-24dBu, so you wouldn’t want any individual channels average anything close to that level anyway.

Balanced is -+4dB and Unbalanced is -10dB. So since the S2400 is basically Unbalanced, the levels should not need a +24dB boost, or am I incorrect? I have several unbalanced outboard gear connected to my interface’s balanced inputs and the levels are still not that low. I think a level check in the lab needs to be done to confirm

They’re all different things though, it’s very confusing. It’s +4dbu, -10dbv (not dbu) and then once you’re in the DAW it’s dbfs. 0dbfs in the DAW is usually at least +18dbu in analog world - it basically represents the level at which clipping starts in the digital realm.

Anyway, going very off piste, and you’re right that not all unbalanced gear comes in as low as this and if Isla can make it hotter then great. But also I have plenty of (classic) gear which does come in that low.


I plugged one of the S2400 outputs into my audio interface’s switchable input, which can accept +4 or -10. I set it to unbalanced input which gives it a gain boost. As you can see, the 0dB 1Khz tone registers at -10dB. Something just ain’t right with the levels. Anyone else experiencing the same? Or maybe it’s just meS2400-Output Level-0db_Tone-2

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:raising_hand_man: Another one over here who’d like hotter outputs.
They’re just a tad too weak to get a satisfactory level coming into my old mixing console. The mix out is hot enough at max but the individual outs are not.

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Looks like an AD5204 chip is being used. Perhaps the O/P levels can be boosted via firmware?


the ad5204 is only for the headphones.
The main codec is a cirrus logic 8 output affair. a pretty expensive chip.

There’s not much we can do at this time about the individual outputs, that said, there is a channel boost coming in another firmware update that may please you.



Thanks Brad!

I built an 8-channel Unbalanced (TS) to Balanced (TRS) converter. This boosts the outputs a bit more. Still added a +4dB gain to the inputs on my audio device:


Wow, thats a beastly build youve done there…Where the TransAudio boards off the shelf or something you did custom?