Analog outputs are Low and Hiss

I Hooked the unit up to a Tacam Model 16 and the signal from the 8 outs and the main outs are extremely low. Even with the mixer gain up high.

Indeed, the output level for the separate outs is low. No hiss problem here.

What are your settings inside the S2400?
Normalized samples and internal volume close to the maximum?

Here is the gain setting for my behringer adat converter. The max range is +60db and I would say they are set around +35 if the knob works in a proportional way. (nothing clearly written on the panel).

My Main outs ae extremely low also. Trying to sample it with my MPC doesn’t work either. Signal is too low. The MPC sample meter hardly moves and the mix gain on 2400 is all the way up.The hiss was from having to turn the tascam mixer gains up. Had to max them and the sound is still low with lots of hiss… Signal to noise is terrible for me using tascam model16. Increasing the 2400 tracks mix gain in mixer setting distorts the sound more than raise the level. Headphones sound good. My Analog outs are terrible.

My sampled sounds are not recorded low.I sample as close to red as I can get.

According to MPC when sampling the max volume coming from S2400 is just below -30db.

Looks like expected behavior. Main outs should sound louder though.

There are other topics about this but I m afraid the only solution as for now is to have a preamp with a high gain range that can boost cleanly. Or use USB audio as a workaround.

Not with the Tascam. To noisey.

Do you have the analog filters enabled? They do introduce a bit of noise(and this is not unique to the 2400, my SP-16 has the Prophet 6 filter which is pretty noisy too) If you dont want/need the filter you can disable it and the noise floor should easily be < -80db

No filters enabled. I solved the main out issue by running them out into an RNC1773. That gave me enough clean volume boost. As far as the 8 outs, I’ll have to find something that will boost those also.


What interface are you using?

RME fireface USB.

Coupled with the +35db gain of the behringer adat converter, I would say that drums hit around -10dbfs and melodic samples around -20dbfs on the computer.

I got rid of my analog mixer years ago because of lack of space. I plug everything to the fireface.

can you please tell me the serial number of your unit?

The serial number is S2400-1362