Channel 1 and 2 Volume Issues

So I may or may not be making a mistake with my audio setup.

My s2400 is running to my interface through the main outs, except for channel one, which is running out of output one into another input on the interface. When I do this I have a pretty noticeable drop in gain on channel one. Normally I would think I’m making a leveling mistake somewhere, like maybe my channel 1 input on the interface is quieter than my stereo input. However, I also notice a considerable drop in volume on channel 2, which is being heard through the main outs, while channels 3-8 play normally.

The issue can be remedied, as for channel 1 I just apply gain post interface so it’s all taken care of. Channel 2 I can now adjust gain at the channel (thanks guys!) although I do have to do this with every new sample loaded, which is a little tedious.

I’m just wondering, does this happen normally? Am I maybe missing a channel setting somewhere? I’m losing about 10 db of gain on both channels after splitting channel one out through output 1, but there’s no volume issue when 1 also goes through the main outs.

Thanks in advance for any help!

have you adjusted the gain properties somehow in trk settings?

shift+pad - use encoder and down the page there is a gain setting, it goes both ways

Yeah that’s what I do currently to remedy it, but it seems strange that there would be such a drop off from using the individual outs. I would assume that volume would remain constant across either out, provided you’re using mono samples on 1 and 2 and not a stereo sample spread across both channels. Even if channel one can be expected to drop from the ind. out it seems weird that channel 2, still going out of the main outs, would also drop.

But maybe that’s just how it’s supposed to work, I’m not sure. Do you use the ind. outs?

The individual outputs are not THAT individual!? My guess is that the outputs work in pairs. Meaning that we really have 4 stereo outputs on the beast. Think it through and experiment…

Or maybe you need to set the PAN correct for your usecase?

Are the samples stereo or mono?

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i disconnected the indi outs a while back - i will happily plug some in and report back when i get home later if it helps

i imagine they are quieter than the mix - this would be true with other gear i have