Mix Output

It seems my right channel is louder than my left channel. Just wondering if anyone else has this issue.
Thank you.

not noticed this on mine

same on new projects? pan central etc?

On what outputs are you observing this? Is it the same for headphone out?

It’s the main out’s. I had them running into my MPC and realized that the right is hotter and then the left. I may have to open up a ticket with them. I also tried in Ableton as well with simular results. It seems the other outs are fine.

Not saying it’s not a fault or a problem but i have been using audio equipment of all kinds since the 1970s and it’s been a constant annoyance that you would think shouldn’t occur with modern equipment.
If it’s really noticeable then a repair or replacement is fully justafiable but small discrepancies are probably just normal.

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I’ve experienced this same challenge with sampler I’ve owned, always adjusting L\R channels to find that 0.1 - 0.4 Db difference. Well, except for my mono Akai S01.