How do you guys use the individual outs?

Topic says it all…I noticed some use all individual outs and the stereo out.

I use the individual outs into a patchbay that runs into one of my interfaces. This way I can track the different parts on separate channels, add compression to the drums and effects to the other parts.

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Is your workflow itb or do you resample to construct tracks on the sp2400?

Well both but not in the way I think you mean. I don’t record into the daw and then put it back into the S2400. Or at least I haven’t tried that. I’m almost entirely hardware based but I used the DAW as the final place to record, mixdown and render tracks. But I can do whole tracks on the S2400. It’s just that I don’t track it as a stereo out.

I’m getting a 1/4" snake soon so I can run the individual outs into my Scarlett 18i20 so I can mix, add sidechain compression, EQ, effects, etc.

As much as I love the S2400, it does (currently) leave a bit to be desired as far as effects, so dumping it into a DAW in my opinion is crucial. At least for the type of music I make. I enjoy the rounded, bit-reduced sound of this thing, but without further processing it’s a bit too raw for me to push right to release.

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That is a good point.

I intend to send each out to my UFX for eq/dyn and use my Virus FX inserts to record back into the sp2400.

I’ll use the stereo outs to print to daw and final processing.

This is exactly what I’m doing. My issue with the 18i20 is two of the inputs are on the front so an 8 channel snake is stretched between the front and back. It also eats up every input so I need more inputs if I want to track a guitar or synth unless I want to keep unplugging. I’m planning on getting something like the Audient 800 to expand the inputs. My plan is to keep the 2400 plugged in to the studio at all times.

don’t know if it’s suitable for you but if you’re not planning on using all channels at once, you could also use a patchbay. cheaper and variable

That is a great idea. I know multitrack recording is great but the reality is that I need to process individual outs one at a time. Which parchbay do you prefer to use?

Yeah a patchbay and an Audient will open up the inputs for you to expand. I use the Sampson S patchbay. It’s got a switch on the front for all the settings which is nice. And it’s a reasonable price. Just run all the synths you need into the back bottom of the patchbay. All the top outputs on the back into the 18i20. And then run all 8 outs of the S2400 into the front of the top of the patchbay while putting the switch in the HN position. Patchbays stumped me a bit and then once I figured out the signal flow it was pretty straightforward.

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the sampson will do it or even the behringer px3000. patchbays are „passive hardware“ which don‘t affect the color of the music in any way.


I’m using the 18i20 ver 2. I wound up picking up another one since they can be linked together via ADAT. So it doubles up your Ins/Outs and even your headphone jacks.
Focusrite is/was running a sale on their 18i20 v2 so was able to get the second one for much less.

Using the behringer balanced patch bays for everything also and it works super-well.


The Sampson is the one I have, too. I just have it set up for through so I’ll have to look into Half Normaling. I’m still looking at the Audient or maybe a Claret to get more outs but both of them are getting old enough that I might wait to see what they put out next. I’d like to not have a ton of unplugging (even with the patch bay). Still setting up things. I’d like to track the synth and guitar stuff to do my own sampling and for guitar I’ve got a complicated setup since I don’t want to get rid of vintage amps even if a simulator would be easier. Right now I’m running the guitar amps through a cab sim pedal with a Fryette Power Station for attuation.

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Yeah, the Sampson patchbays are very attractive. I read labeling is a pain but I don’t think that is too much of an issue for me.

this dude makes nice labelings for the behringer patchbays

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Hello guys. I have a Microfreak, Uno Synth and Korg Kross 2. Also waiting on my 2400 to be shipped. I had a Focusrite 18i20 v2 but had to sell it due to a cash emergency. I still have a Behringer Xenyx X2442 mixer with plenty of inputs and 8 direct trs outs plus 2 pairs of Master outs (trs/xlr). I have a Motu M2 and I love it but it’s only 2 channels. Still don’t like the idea of making MULTIPLE passes to have all tracks available inside Studio One.


  1. Buy an used Beringher 8ch interface on Ebay. I’ve seen them for less than $200
  2. Buy an used Tascam Model 12/Zoom L-12 but I keep reading negative stuff about them in forums about missing key features, software “not there yet”, crashes, etc.
  3. Also thinking about a decent budget multi fx pedal to use with the x2442 and apply
    fx out the box, and send the mix to the audio interface.

Sorry for the long post. Any suggestions?

I’ve tried all sorts of solutions over the years for my home studio with a dozen synths including sub mixers and patchbays. Now I’ve settled on using an Antelope 32-channel converter. No need for a patchbay and I can route audio wherever I want with no latency. It’s awesome when you can patch everything once and forget about it. I may add a Ferrofish Pulse 16 to this setup for the s2400.

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You can use a patchbay with the Xenyx. The sampson S patchbay is a good investment because once you can get another larger interface or expand in the future it will still be useful. Just run all of your synths into the back bottom of the patchbay and then run a bunch of cables into the xenyx ins from the top back of the patchbay. Set the patchbay to half normalled and then the top front of your patchbay is available for patching the S2400 into. There are 24 ins and outs on the patchbay. As long as the 24 outs go into an in on an interface (even if it’s shared between 2-3 interfaces you’ve got now got an expansion of 24 ins. They will just share a channel within your DAW.

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Thank you so much for the reply. That’s a great suggestion. I’ve seen a few of those used on eBay but they go pretty fast. It’s $140 on Amazon which is not that bad.

Im pushing mines out indvidually and also in combination with main out into rme uzc, i can then add au effects via ipad and record there to keep mobile. Ive also ran through asr-x fx in combination with controlling the asr-x via midi from s2400. I reckon octatrack and s2400 would make a great pairing, going to try it out soon.