Wood sides

@bradholland any word on the ETA for the wood sides?
Placed order over a month ago but haven’t heard anything or received any updates.

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same here

I wanted to order some as well but the website seems to be down.

You can order them right from the Isla Instruments webpage.

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The first batch sold out very quickly, I was just told there are more on the way. They are custom small batches, and coming from the US. I don’t think we’re too far off, def don’t think we’re talking months, and fortunately we’re only talking about aesthetic pieces and not units. Seems a fair amount ordered the sides before even getting units - talk about a tease having those laying around.

I’m just grateful to have the unit and be able to wait for these upgrades. I wouldn’t expect regular public updates on these though while there are hundreds if not thousands of people waiting on their units.

that‘s what martel means. it happens once in a while. maybe a little makeover of the page?.. anyway you don‘t have to hurry with your order. yesterday the sides were still available.

@juniorg very true

The site has said “Available on Backorder” for at least a week now…was there yesterday and is still there now.

That’s what I just saw now.

I wanted to order them but I don’t want them to be shipped apart from my S2400 and I’m pretty sure my machine is about to be shipped next week or the following one.

I can definitely live without side panel to be honest.

I just thought it would look pretty but if its not available, I’ll just forget about it.

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@juniorg @bradholland
Actually, I really would appreciate an update on the wood sides.
I understand s2400 units are being built and that is important, but I was already billed for these wood sides and it’s been close to two months and not a word. Just a communication.
I don’t mind waiting (or being billed) but can we please have an update as to when we can expect them?
Thanks in advance.

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Not sure why you’re asking me, I certainly can’t provide the update. All I said was I asked about timeframe and was told more are on the way - that was good enough for me but obviously can’t speak for you, I was simply relaying information.

If you want information specific to your order you should really email them about it. In my experience they are very responsive, and in general it’s a far more direct (and seemingly preferred) method of communicating order-specific info than over public forum posts. You can’t expect Brad to personally update everyone who @'s him about their orders on this forum.

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If only there was a way to know the exact type/model of screws used to hold the sides of the s2400. That way if I can’t buy the ones from isla I can make my own like I did for my Maschine MK1 and Studio.

@juniorg No, no, I wasn’t asking you (I know it came across that way) I was actually responding to your comment “I wouldn’t expect regular public updates on these though while there are hundreds if not thousands of people waiting on their units.” and was saying that although I understand that, I still think it is necessary to update on these as well. That’s why I included you, since you had responded to me.

I actually emailed Brad, even before these posts, to get an update, but after receiving no response,
(yes he typically responds to email) I decided to post here.

And you’re right, instead of a personal update to my order a general overall “where things are at with the wood sides” might be beneficial to everyone, as I probably am not the only one who ordered them.

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i ordered my wooden cheeks months ago, also have not heard a word since then. but the way things are going at isla hq, i have no issue trusting brad&team that the stuff will be delivered when it is ready. given the current semiconductor situation all over the world, i am very happy that we have (or are getting) the s2400 device itself for now.

(this also reminds me about my wooden juno106 cheeks from rosensound. got them a year ago. have only installed one until now. haha. :slight_smile:

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Funny I just ordered a walnut chassis for my Juno 60. It needs to visit the tech so I thought well I’ll get a nice housing for it at the same time since they have to get under the hood and do some work on the keys, solder some things and clean some sticky buttons etc.

The wooden sides from Curry Cases were a small batch. There should be more in stock in the near future hopefully.

I ordered mine within the first hour of being mentioned by Brad on facebook. No word yet but im assuming their coming with the sampler and case from us to uk in the next month.

I’ve also ordered the same day when they were announced. They didn’t ship yet.

The first batch was sold out really fast and they are waiting for the next batch still (as far as i was informed when i asked).

They will be shipped separately.

Hmmm, The post went on 1 hour before i ordered. I must get a hotline then like Batman. :slight_smile:

Hey Peter I’m assuming you are sabana on Elektronauts? I’m machinea over there. You may be right in that case (about them going out at the same time as your other orders) for those of you who ordered when they were still in stock.

Yeh hi fellow Naut! I checked when i ordered as i knew they might go fast. But within 1 hour? Because of the cost of shipping Brad maybe including them at the same time. In the larger box with a case there should be enough space.