Black sides for the S2400?

Anyone gotten the black wooden sides from Curry Cases on their machines? Or just customize their existing sides black? Or even make their own black sides?

Kind of want to get one, but I also haven’t found any good pictures of machines with black sides at all, even less so than the wood ones. If anyone’s got black sides on their machine, post em bc I’d like to see how they look! Thanks


I ordered them and the dust cover - they should be arriving in the next week or so. Happy to post them when I get them.

If anyone has them now- I too would love to see them!

just got mines in -

lower light then some light bouncing off them. they are BEAUTIFUL in person.

i liked the silver metal sides, darker and wood fits better with the rest of my gear near it though. and i usually don’t dig on red, but Curry Cases Human nailed it with the red screw holes complementing the red print on the S2400.


I want to wait until the official black metal sides become available but I am tempted to just make my own like some people have done already. The last I heard from @roborr in October was “We are still trying to source a supplier for the black sides as the prices we have been quoted are frankly scandalous so its TBC on those at this point, sorry. We will announce once they are available though of course.”

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