Any news regarding wood sides orders?

I’m happy when i will eventually get them. Ordered in February the day when they were announced.

I’m aware they were sold our really fast, but at least an estimate on how long it will take for the next batch to be shipped out would be nice.


Why dont you write to them directly? Im sure they will tell you.

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@jibber Just my $0.02, but prob not best to go direct to Isla’s manufacturer inquiring about parts ordered here. If they had more to sell or a solid timeline on the next batch I’m sure they would have relayed to Brad and we’d have gotten the update.

I ordered a while back as well and thought the same, but IMO it’s poor form to go around the company we ordered from to ask their manufacturer when the parts (that we didn’t order from them) are going to be ready.

Curry cases must be working on them I seen they posted it to Instagram

Just giving you the headsup on what to do. Wes Curry responded straight away to me. Hes told me where were at for the side panels. Good news!. Ive even helped him out with an Octatrack stand he’s in the process of making. Great guy. Up to you dude.

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I hear ya, wasn’t trying to throw shade or anything just speaking in general terms. Apologies for doubting I just figured if there was an update we’d have heard it here. What’s the good news?!

Also…Octatrack stand from Curry? :partying_face: Do tell, I will not be missing out on a first batch of those.

Any info you can share from your convo with Curry?

Wes has just started on it. It will be likely be similar to the MPC one on his site with a wrist rest. Will look fantastic. I am first in the queue. :slight_smile:

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Sure. Hes just about finished the next batch. A load are on the way soon!