Wood sides for the S2400

I’m loving those wood sides… R we getting them anytime soon?

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Maybe you can contact Curry Cases directly and ask for it?

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I’m in a process to finalise them with solid walnut and an hydro Vernice and yellow cherry color to be as close as possible of a Moog and sequential look and feel. wood cutting through laser beam, the rest is 100 % hand made.
I’ll keep you posted , might have a few spare ones if anyone interested.

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They are available to order from the website now :slight_smile:

Shipping via UPS?

what are you worried about?

Guess everyone has different experiences. Personally UPS has been the best at deliveries. FedEx sucks.

UPS, Fedex, DHL, they’re all the same. Fine until you have a problem - which statistically is extremely rare

Wood sides are dispatched via USPS

We use UPS for the S2400.