Will we need to do double time BPM to get same swing as the SP1200?

Anyone know if the sequencer step settings are exactly the same as the SP1200?

If so will we still have to do the old double tempo trick to get that classic SP swing?

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I’ve seen some of the beta testers doing double-time but I sort of chalked that up to nostalgia/used to working with SP-1200s. From what I understand the double time on the SP was to get that 16th’s swing, which you can now achieve on the S2400 by setting the swing value to 16ths eliminating the need for double time, and even further being able set individual swing amounts per channel should present some interesting rhythms. Don’t quote me, just my understanding based on the beta testers and a couple Brad demos. Having said that, double-time in itself + swing can produce other interesting results, so I’m excited to mess around with all of it!


iirc we have adjustable/several units of swing, not just 1/8

go check out his swing videos on the YT channel as he covers that element you want but i am 100% sure we do not need to DT it

no, its an option in swing settings to choose 8th or 16ths to swing on.

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