Swing/LPF Comparisson

Hi guys, does the swing on the S2400 feel the same as the SP1200? I know the PPQN is higher than the 1200 just wondering if it has that same loose swing?

Also ive heard a few people compare the low pass filter to the Akai S900/950
and say it sounds very similar, can anyone else confirm that?


I’ll bite here- To me the swing is infinitely better than my SP-1200 since Im not having to use double tempo and can just set to 1/16th. That is probably my least favorite part of the SP workflow. In fact, in recent years Ive just been using my Sp as an offline processor. I sample something in to get the magic, then sample it into a more capable drum sampler(SP-16 and now S2400).

I think the filters sound good- I had an S900 until about a year ago and yeah, I could see that comparison on the filter. I think it sounds pretty good. I generally dont like cranking the resonance on non synth like sounds and have not really sampled a lot of that type of sound to test with the filter. Im sure others will chime in here as well. I will definitely purchase any daughterboards that include hardware filters, but its not because I think the digital filters arent good enough…


Sounds good! Thanks for getting back to me

pig above is a clear and honest voice for sure , but you can watch vids on the swing and make up your own mind - the filter too

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The swing algorithm in the S2400 is exactly the same in the Classic. The improvement is that it is higher resolution, meaning there are more values for the swing amount, and it can swing 16th notes in addition to 8th notes.


Thanks for the feedback guys

Is there a reason Swing amount goes by ±2? Why not±1?

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