Why does hold/ release settings override decay in envelope editor?

Im finding it a bit frustrating that you can mess up your decay settings by adjusting release settings, I feel like decay should take priority to other settings, like priority for these should go from left to right, anyone else feel this way?

if you move one thing, something else has to give to compensate…
this isn’t a synth, envelopes are based on the percentage of the sample.

read the envelope section in the manual for a more in-depth understanding.


Is that a "sp1200” thing?

No. The simple 1200 envelope is emulated when you select Classic decay.

So where did the % envelope idea come from?


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always you!


@Mickey can we have a pref to turn off the 8-bit aliasing on the classic env decay/release please? I love the simplicity but it buggers up bass tones.

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yes! agreed