Option for time based envelope or “lock envelope length” when pitched

I like the percentage based envelopes but it would be very useful to have an option to change them to time based per track/envelope. Or option to have the percentage not follow pitch and stay the same as you set it in the original pitch for the sample if you get what I’m saying?

When sampling single notes like a bass or use the single cycle waveforms to sculpt ”synth” sounds the volume/filter envelope gets stretched as you play the notes pitched with multi mode. So if you set a decay/release for a sample the notes play for a lot longer when they’re played pitch down, making you have to go in and tweak each note separately in a multi to have the sample play nicely.

The new feature to toggle filter multi enabled was a huge improvements for stuff like this, but I think an option for the envelopes not to follow the extended time a pitched down sample gives the envelopes would be very useful.

So like a “lock envelope length” feature option.

Maybe not the best explanation so let me know if it was unclear!


I agree I think when start looping short samples for bass and chord type stuff, it behaves more like a synth waveform and would be nice to edit how most rack samplers work.

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Yes! It can also be a little annoying if you sample a basic bass note for example and set it to gated and play it in pitch multi mode, your release settings always needs to be adjusted for every multi pad if you want it consistent.


This thread needs resurrecting imo. I am not a fan of the % based at all if I’m honest, in most cases (every case I’ve tried them in) they don’t really make any sense and are incredibly difficult to dial in. Especially if say, you want a similar attack/release on 2 or more totally different length samples.

Also the data wheel really needs tweaking in the envelope menu, you have to move at snails pace, or it flicks all the way to the other end deleting what you just did at that end. I therefore don’t really touch the envelopes currently unless I absolutely have to, unfortunately.


Percent-based envelopes are absolutely great but they are certainly not how I would want to use them most of the time. I would like it if we could have had both “modes”…

I don’t like that I can move a fader by mistake (because I wanted to move another) and my dialed envelope would get ruined

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Yes please! I really hope a time based option for the envelopes (per track) will be added in the future. Good to hear I’m not alone, these percentage based envelopes can be a real pain for some used.

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Would also be nice if for these ones, they stopped at whatever the next one is set at. Ie the release doesn’t delete the attack if I’ve set that already.

The sensitivity of the data wheel is so so crazy in this page, it took me like 45 minutes to dial in a simple envelope on a pad (the musical type of pad, not the button type lol).



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