Keep envelope, pitch and level settings when replacing samples

Any chance we can have a way to replace a sample without having to recreate envelopes, level, and pitch settings? Sometimes I want to try something in context, and I’m tired of remaking the envelopes every time. Thanks!


+1 this would be very nice


+1: maybe calling it “freeze” or “parameter lock” would be helpful.
I assume this would be MOST useful in live looping mode, pitch shifting things an octave down in real time (for example)

@soundsubs Live Loops cannot be pitch shifted. They have to be saved as a sample first.

This request is about keeping parameter values when assigning a new sound to an existing sample track. We will most definitely not be calling it that Elektron word.


Exactly. I just want to audition different samples keeping my filter and envelope settings. Redrawing the envelope is a pita! Otherwise, I love the logical layout and hands on fun of the complex envelope system.

Also, we should get some logarithmic attacks, and exponential decay and release shapes. That would be fantastic. Even some wild shapes loaded into a bank that we can select for more experimental sounds. I mostly want this thing to avoid feature bloat and just have all the sampler spices that we need in 2021.

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The attack, decay, and release are actually exponential. They are drawn as linear in the editor because it is easier to visualize.