Keeping existing track parameters when assigning different sample to active track / Clear track parameters / Copy parameters from one track to another

This is my number one feature request for my current workflow based on 16bit and 12bit sampling.

  1. Having the ability to keep existing track parameters when assigning a different sample to the active track would be very nice. It would prevent level, pitch settings and other parameters from being lost when resampling the sample or normalizing the sample on the active track. (This sample not being overwritten but being created as new 90% of the time). It would allow to use 16 bit and 12 bit version of the same sample with the same settings easier.

  2. Following the first point, an option to “clear track setting” in Track Settings would be nice.
    If 1) is not considered as typical workflow just an option (check box) to “keep or memorize track setting” in Track Settings would be nice. I would be the happiest guy on Earth at this moment :slight_smile:

  3. My least favorite one : copy parameters from one track to the other. It would be handy for sure but in the scenario above probably not efficient because users will realize too late that should have copied parameters before they are lost. Even with an UNDO function added I suppose in this case it won’t be possible to recover track parameters.

  4. If nothing can be done, adding a warning. For example in the resample or normalize window adding a warning like “if a new sample is created and assigned to the current track, track parameters will be lost”. In this case users might think twice before pressing YES.


I would be totally onboard for this. Well thought out comment too.

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Excellent description, and I agree.
Perhaps a 5th: Ability while browsing samples to “Sample Audition in place” where the previous sample is, applying all parameters.


Thinking again about this, when assigning a sample an extra step with a window saying “delete track settings” “no/ yes” could be nice too. Best of both worlds maybe.

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