Save track option (almost like save kit)

It would be great to be able to save a track (pad/sample) with all the slice/env/pitch/level/filter settings saved with it. Almost like save kit but with only one track.

If you chop something up, a drum break for example, you can save that track and open it in other projects without having to redo all the settings and slicing.

I like to make samples with a few different hihats or percussion hits and then play them in loop/slice multi mode to get some variations. Like record a real hihat with different hits and openness and then chop it up and sequence it giving nice dynamics.

Would be great to be able to load a track like that in a project and just start playing without redoing all the chopping every time.


Not 100% but Iā€™m almost sure that when you assign a track in a new proeject, if you load the sample from the project folder from the original project it was sliced in it retains all the parameters used. It stores all that data in the project so it should be accessible, if not should be an easy addition.

In the next update, when you assign a sound, the machine checks for a .KIT file in the same folder and, if present, loads the track parameters from it.


Wonderful!! :heart: