Sample save w/ mutli-mode slice points (not as individual sliced sample files or as a kit)

It would be really nice if one could save a sample with the existing multi-mode slice points incorporated into an associated parameter file WITHOUT creating a kit or creating a project.

The issue I have run into both with Kits and general file management on the S2400 is that (personally speaking) I like to keep my samples organized by type. When saving Kits/Projects, the sample is locked to its assigned pad (and in association with any other random samples loaded at that time), which leads to incompatibility issues when trying to open/combine multiple kits created at different times. Additionally, similar problems when adding in the additional layer of items in different projects.

I could be wrong, but my impression is that many individuals sample, multi-mode slice/pitch/adjust env and then later comb back through sample libraries and figure out which ones work well together. As it stands, if I want to recombine items from several kits - one has to reload samples and re-work from scratch ← pretty annoying.

If I am missing something, I am definitely open to suggestions.


I like that @st1 and I have suggest a similar feature- chops as an entity. I think it would be cool to save a slice map separately from the sample, so you could load the sample and apply chops to it. But I would take just the ability to save the sample with the slice points too.

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Exactly - glad you understand what I am getting at.

Even though we are all gluttonous with storage these days, I really try to avoid have 30 different copies of the same sample in 30 different folders with different slice points, each saved within a kit that are incompatible to load with another kit. I know that if kits work via storage mapping they become sensitive to moving files around or files being deleted/absent, but what I am seeing happen on my storage cards is really inefficient/messy:

my original sample folders organized in logical ways + duplicates of a zillion things in the kit folders + duplicates/triplets/quadruplicates in project folders for things that made it further.

I guess another way around the incompatibility issue with Kits (I am sure nearly everyone has a tendency to sample and just sequentially assign things to A1, A2, A3…etc) is to add a function where when the OS encounters kits with items assigned to overlapping tracks it would let you reassign the positions (or only load part of the Kit).