Save Kit - struggling to understand how it operates

So I am on latest firmware. SAVE KIT is not always visible.

Logically it seems it should be visible after a change is made to a kit since the last SAVE KIT event

But it is not - and SAVE PROJECT does not also update the KIT - eg when I reload the kit after a SAVE PROJECT (in instances where SAVE KIT is not visible) it presents without the recent changes.

The manual says “If a kit was loaded or saved, and a project was not loaded or saved after that, then the Save Kit menu option is available to save edits made to kit parameters. This option also copies any WAV files to the folder that were assigned to tracks since the kit was last loaded or saved.”

What am I missing here?

Just for public info, I’m pasting the reply I gave you via support channels here:

The reason you’re losing the ability to Save Kit when you Save Project is that all files are moved to the project folder when you save a project. This is a deliberate feature designed to keep projects self-contained. At this point, the project loses its association with the kit (because you can’t point to two sets of samples simultaneously).

So your workflow of working on project and kit at the same time won’t really work. I’d suggest working on the project and then saving out a kit at the end if you want to reuse those samples in a different project.

Note: you can also use “Save Kit As” to overwrite the kit.

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Thanks so much. Yes. Your reply was timely and helpful and I’m very happy.

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Hi, I have a streamlined way to work. I do all my sampling, create a sequence and after I’m done Press/ Shift/ File then Save. That’s it. My entire (Project) is saved including samples & sequences. Something very important I’ve noticed… (Very Important) When I first started using the S2400, I was learning and each time I turned on the machine and sampled/ chopped my sample then Assigned it to a Pad and clicked Save. I noticed I was no longer on Project 01. It was about the 9th time I was using the machine that I noticed I was on Project 9. I had never tried saving anything previous to the 9th time using it. I was just trying to familiarize myself with the workflow. So this 9th time I decided to try and save a complete project session. I pressed Shift/ File/ Save. The screen displayed “Saving Project”. I then turned off the machine and turned back on to see if I could load my complete project… all samples and the sequence. I pressed Shift/ File/ Load then used the dial on the top to choose my, “Project 09” then just clicked Enter. Sure enough everything Re-Loaded into the S2400. It’s that simple. Remember each time you turn on the machine it starts you on a New Higher Number Project than your Last. That’s where your Project is going to be Saved to. I am happy to share this and hope it helps you. I know I’ll sleep :sleeping: better tonight as well knowing that I figured this out. Btw… the instruction videos on Youtube for S2400 absolutely suck. The best way to learn this S2400 is trial and error but at the end it’s Success :raised_hands: :white_check_mark: Enjoy!

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