Save as Includes Everything from Current Project

When using save as feature I would expect it to be an exact copy of all the current samples but alias when opening the new copy live loops and maybe recorded samples are missing.
I like to save a new file version periodically so I don’t muck up the good stuff I have so far but can revert to the previous version if need be.

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Samples and liveloops are saved to the initial project. After creating (saving as) another projectname to branche from the initial project, a new folder is created and only the not yet saved samples and liveloops are stored in the new folder. Everything else is only available in the initial project folder. This gets messy very quick, especially with liveloops which use default names.

Maybe an export function can be added to the save project options, which saves everything? Or a ‘collect all’ function like Ableton?


That sounds more like a bug than a feature request. I’ll check that out.


It actually is a bug. Today I loaded my latest version of my project and I was missing the first 5 liveloops. My initial believe was that the other liveloops would be saved into the project with absolute path, but they are not.

Will try to see if I can restore my project by copying the missing loops into the latest projectfolder.

And oh yeah, the samples are all there, except for the once that were not referenced anymore. This is good behaviour IMO.

It sounds like you did not save the first project before doing a Save As.

Aha, that makes sense.

But it still would be nice if it would be possible to save everything to a new projectfolder with everything in it, without saving first. But it’s a nice to have, I can live with saving first.


Sounds good. On my MPC 4000 it had an option to ‘save entire project’ which would just copy everything into a new nameable folder, including samples that were in memory but not assigned to tracks. Was a real ‘peace of mind’ feature!

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Projects can be restored by just copying the missing loops.

I have bumped into a save-as-issue again. First @Mickey had me convinced that saving the project before applying a save-as, would save all loops into the new project folder also. But, this time I saved before moving on to a save-as. And again the original loops were missing in the new project folder.

IMHO, this looks like a bug… only the wav files are missing, the song still has memory of the missing loops, since all A buttons still light up in the newer version of the project.

I think reproduction path was:

  • Boot up machine
  • Record and commit a loop on D1
  • Save project (name it e.q. X1)
  • Power off machine (*)
  • Boot up machine (*)
  • Load the just saved project (X1)
  • Record and commit a loop on D2
  • Save the project (X1)
  • Save the project as X2
  • Power off machine (*)
  • Boot up machine (*)
  • Load X2

(*) power off/on might not be needed

After this X1 has all loops, but X2 has only the second loop (D2), but both A buttons (D1/D2) light up.

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I checked my machine (UI: Oct 9 2021, AE Oct 2 2021) and I couldn’t reproduce this with the above steps. Sounds like the bug is associated with another step. Included version incase we’re on different code versions.

After saving the project as X2, did you go into File Menu and browse for the wav samples? Can you see them prior to powering off?

The wave files were copied when I save as from X1 to X2. I see them when browsing the X2 project folder on my SD.

-----------Update -----------
The only way I could reproduce the experience was after saving X2, I load a sample from another location (outside project folder, a kit for example). Then without saving the project, power off the machine. Then when I go to open X2, the loaded sample is missing.

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Interesting! Thanks for trying to get more insight of what is happening. I’ll try again to see what steps I was doing, but did not report. Let’s get to the bottom of this.

I jumped in because I remember seeing that bug too, but it went away. So I have not been able to reproduce since. Thought I could figure it out with your steps, and 2nd the bug report. Agree. Happy to test your theories.

Today another chapter in the save (as) saga hit me. I loaded a sample from a second SD card to an empty pad. Then I put in the first SD card (where the project resides) and saved the project (not ‘save-as’, but really a ‘save project’)

After loading the project, the sample that came from the second card was missing.

So this scenario and the scenario with the save-as still needs some more attention (please!)… or even better:
a ‘save all’ function would do the job!

That scenario is not possible. It cannot copy a file from an SD card that you have ejected.

If you think about long samples, then I agree with you. Those samples are streamed from the SD card, so if you remove the source card, it is impossible to copy it to the destination card. However, my scenario is about short samples that reside in memory. Why is it not possible to dump the memory content to SD?

Same for the looper tracks. They are in memory too, so why can’t they be saved (save-as)?

I get how the file management is setup and it is very quick and I love it for this. But on the flipside, I lost work because I tried to change the track order with the SD card swapped… try that and see what happens… not funny!