Lost samples when i save project

I posted a video on the isla facebook forum to show my problem.

I regularly lose samples when I save (20% of the time). I have my s2400 6 month ago.

I use the isla the same way all the time. I build my project, all works perfectly, and when I save project some samples disappear or the sample of pad 2 goes on pad 4 and I lose the sample of pad 4 … I can not find it in the memory, it has faded away.

this is driving me crazy. I lose a lot of projects and I work for hours for nothing…

I have last firmware and it was here too with old firmware

Out of curiousity, how frequently do you save?

For example, in this case, is it like you do everything and then you save once and stuff disappear or you save frequently and suddenly after saving for the let’s say the 7th time stuff suddenly disappear?

I remember having that kind of problems with the first versions of the firmware and took the habit of saving many times, for example everytime after assigning a sample to a track.

I think they’ve fixed and improved that in the new firmware but there may be remaining issues.

How are you saving? Im on the latest firmware ver. i believe theres two methods. Ive had issues with saving in settings and turning off and powering back on loading that project with it appearing blank. But it always saaves for me when i shift + save

Woah, I think I’ve had it happen to me. You are onto something here!

Yeah maybe. No problem here when using the shortcut in the main menu. I always save after assigning a sample to a track and often save anyway. Experience from the MPC, you’ll never know when it will crash :slight_smile:

I save 1 time when project is done.

But i try in the past to save many times and it happened too…

Not cool then. You use the shortcut?

I save shift + save or after rename project, same.

I shift+save about 10 times during any session :rofl: learned the hard way.

Never once have I lost a sample while using the S2400. Well, I haven’t lost anything yet, anyway. I also realized quickly that I had to save things constantly during the work process. This machine is just like my old MPCs and SP-1200 in that it won’t prompt me to save my project when I cut it off. Hahaha. That feeling half second after you cut off the machine, knowing that the work wasn’t saved suuuuuuucks.

What’s helped me is initially using ‘Save Project As’ when I know that I have an idea that I want to keep. I rename it and save it that way. I’ll then usually go to that new saved project and reopen it, just to ensure that it saved. Works every time. Then, while I am progressing through the building of the project, I am constantly hitting Shift + Save. Oh, and I ALWAYS name my samples something distinct immediately after recording.

Can you walk us through how you’re saving from the get go? Curious to know if I can replicate that.

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I can’t always make shift + save because i m scared to lost my work.

Now i record all my projects in my mix table before i save because if i save without Recording i can loose whole project.

Got it. But are you naming your samples when you record them in and do you initially use Shift + File and then select ‘Save Project As’? The reason that I ask is because I can see you just saving things to the initial root folder as-is potentially causing problems. I’m also curious to know if you are using the same sample on pads 2 + 4 or are copying that sound? I ask because I’ve only read of a few people having problems with saving/recalling projects and wonder if there is a step in the operation that is being looked over?

Hmmm ok.

No i don’t rename samples.

All samples was just recorded, no copying from another project. And i don’t make « save project as » too.

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Hhhhh no you re right!!! My snare was from an other project!

Maybe that is the solution. I need to rename every sample i do?

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Sorry for the late reply. Been a busy day!

More than the resaving the sample under a new, it’s important that you use the Shift + File and then Save Project As… to ensure that the samples are being saved in a new folder on your disk. I could be wrong, but I have a hunch that not doing that is causing the S2400 to not load those samples for you. Renaming them is a good practice, too, but ensuring each project is saved and living in its own dedicated place with its specific samples is really important, as well.

Thanks bro, i ll try this tomorrow :pray:

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Word! Make a few different ‘throw away’ beats and save them all in this way. If your problem continues, then there definitely is a deeper problem. Good luck! :v:t5::v:t5:

I Save Project As before I do anything else and then I typically do multiple Shift + Save throughout my session.

This is something that I don’t use often and, IIRC, the one time that I did, I might have lost a project.