Feature requests - envelope editing

Is it possible to have only the parameter being edited change in the env editor - within the limits allowed by the rest of the shape?

For example, find it’s very easy to reset the attack amount when adjusting decay, depending on position of the fader. Typically when editing envelopes, other stages are static when not being adjusted, avoiding this.


The S2400 envelopes are percentages of the sample length. All the parts have to add up to 100%. So, if the decay, for example, is made longer, something else has to be made shorter.

Thanks Mickey. Yeah, I find in practice editing them in that way makes it quite jumpy and easy to lose overall shape. If the the stages were static if not editing and then the edited parameter only moved within it current range, you could then adjust the other slopes to suit. Would help stop all the bouncing around.

Another thing envelope related - if you’ve got a number of steps and decide you want to alter an overall parameter (say attack), currently it seems you need to go into each step separately which is a pretty long process. Can we have a master envelope shape then individual step parameter locks?


The envelope is saved in the pattern with each trigger, like pitch, level, and all of the parameters.
You can change the envelope for the whole pattern at once using the “modify pattern” option on the envelope settings menu.

Ok cheers, thought that was limited to filter and levels