Which sounds on which outputs

I came across some conflicting info on which sounds are best assigned to which outputs.

Outputs 1 & 2 are dynamically filtered with ssm2044’s . A short envelope to filter the sound… Good for toms and kick drums.

3 & 4 are filtered with a simple low pass. (no fancy filter)

5 & 6 are filtered less with a simple low pass.
7 & 8 are unfiltered.


1-2 - bass/drums
3-4 - snares
5-6 - hi hats/claps/snaps
7-8 - are non-filtered

drumatic says: I wouldn’t recommend using outputs 1 or 2 for kick drums, they sound warped, almost as if they have a resonant filter. Not for hiphop anyway.

3-4-5-6 - kicks
5-6-7 - snares
7 - hi hats

SO – Which sounds are you guys assigning to which outputs?

Make your own opinion and do your own trials and errors.

Mine is a mix of 16 and 12 bit samples without filtering sounds the best. (when I say no filtering I mean filters turned off)

I think this filtering circuit is here to keep the OG spirit but it is not something essential. I see it as an option to experiment with. Time has passed now :wink:


agree. use your own judgement and experiment. there is no right or wrong way to do it.

my main reason for getting this instrument IS for the OG classic sound. Im an MPC user at heart and that’s what I know and have always wanted an SP, so i can die happy now. :slight_smile: just track out your song and listen to it and see how it goes.