Waiting for Computer

Hi guys. Not sure why but when in MSC mode it says “Waiting for Computer” on the screen and stays like that till i exit via back button (i’ve waited 15 mins nothing happens). All pads go red and the back button lights up. I go to my computer and i can see the S2400 SD card as a mass storage device fine even though it says this message. I’ve been able to exchange files from my pc to the card several times no problem. But i’m querying the message "Waiting for Computer"as on Alex Ball video it says SD card is now ready to use on the screen.

I’ve tried it on another very latest PC with Windows 10 as well and get the same stuck message. I’ve waited 15 minutes to see if this message advances it doesn’t but i can still transfer files okay.
When i first plugged in the USB it said Device is now ready to use so that’s okay.
Latest firmware as I’ve just received the unit

Any ideas cheers?

It is a bug introduced in the last update, and fixed in dev.
It is not really waiting and MSC mode should work fine even though it says that.


Thanks Mickey. Superb sounding machine. Makes my Octatrack sound like crud.