S2400 won’t connect to PC

My S2400 won’t connect to my PC when trying to enter USB MSC mode. I press the encoder, nothing happens, then when pressed again the S2400 reports that the SD card is missing. At this point the SD card has to be removed or the machine rebooted. Can read and write to the SD card.

humm… not sure but sounds like one
bad card. Did you try another one??

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Yup, tried two Sandisk cards. Same behaviour with both. It seems as thought the disk is mounted but it doesn’t.appear in the PC and as the process isn’t complete the S2400 is unable to dismount (?) the SD card, leading it to report that no SD card isn’t there. Anyhow, to get it to recognise the card it needs rebooted. I’ve tried with two PCs and a MacBook and reloaded the firmware

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try another card brand !!!

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Ok, will try. Sandisk are widely reported to work well though are they not?

its just one tip , dont know if is gonna work… but i had gear in the past that a simple change of card brand was the solution. grts jayperz

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Actually just checked, one card is a Sandisk Extreme Ultra, the other is a Samsung Evo

Sandisk and Samsung are industry standards. If there’s a problem, it’s almost certainly not the cards.

My thoughts too. I’m hoping the machine itself is fine and it’s a driver issue

Bumping this for further thoughts

does USB MIDI work? does the S2400 appear as a MIDI device on your PC?

Does not appear on my PC as USB device.

How do I test the USB midi?

check in the “hardware manager” that a MIDI device is connected, or try any DAW or so that handles MIDI, there should be a S2400 MIDI device…

Thanks! The S2400 doesn’t appear either in Device manager or Protools

so USB is not working at all for you. can you try a different cable?

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I’ve tried three USB cables and three computers, two PCs and a Macbook Pro, same result