"USB MSC Mode" doesn't work

I’m able to read and write to my SD card both when it’s inserted in the machine and my computer (Mac), respectively. But when connecting a USB cable between the machine and computer and trying to enter “USB MSC Mode” the following occurs:

  1. My computer can’t recognize the machine as a USB device

  2. When hitting “USB MSC Mode” a first time nothing happens, a second time it says “No SD card inserted”. I then have to reboot the machine to be able to read and write to the card again

I have re-formatted the card several times and been trying different cards (SanDisk, Samsung, …) and different cables with the same results.


I am having the same exact issue. No luck so far.

what OS do you have on your computer? Here on on Mojave, I don’t have any issue with this.
The only thing I noticed is that if I eject the drive on the Mac it is mounting back directly. So to remove it securely I have to eject the drive and as soon as it disappears get out the MSC mode on the S2400.