Mass Storage Mode reconnect

On my mac(OS 10.15.7) After clicking eject on the S2400 drive it will eject and then immediately reconnect. Ive noticed that if I don’t eject, then click back on the 2400 I get the warning notification on my mac that I didn’t eject the drive properly. I guess if there is a way to recognize its been ejected and not attempt to connect to the os at that point(Im speaking completely ignorant of the handshake process here)


haha I have the opposite problem, I couldn’t keep it connected. I think you took my connect mojo away.


you don’t need to eject from the computer side, always just press back on the S2400.

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Ok. will do thanks

Yea you get a message that it was not properly ejected but I have been ignoring that and it works fine.


Agreed that it is hasn’t hurt anything it was more just a nuisance.