Use B button to switch from midi in midi out

Hi Isla Team, great job with the wonderful machine you’ve created but still isn’t robust enough in my opinion for live performance set up midi wise, probably I don’t know how to set it right though. I get a lot of midi feedback, and I know I’m trying something problematic. I want to send midi notes and tweaks from a synth to the isla, record a midi track and play it back in the same synth without feedback, I’m trying local mode off but still have feedback issues and I lose the arp and mod wheel in the synth, not ideal. So A button is for midi focus, good! what if we use B button to switch between midi in and out from whatever source is selected in that specific track? I think we will get rid off a lot of problems. So hit record, select B and play some notes in the synth, hit B again and notes will playback in the synth. Who’s up for this?