Does Anyone Know if the Buttons can Send Midi information?

I’m trying to make the S2400 and Live gel. Got everything pretty much entirely set up Except for one sync issue. Live is a crappy slave, even though the 2400 is a great master. So, I’m gonna have to slave the s2400 to live as a central clock.

This wouldn’t be a problem at all, IF I could simply map my s2400’s play button to Live’s play button. For anyone willing to help, but already rubbing their temples over all of the steps to troubleshoot- don’t worry, I know live like the back of my hand. I’m just stuck on the Isla end of things. The closest I’ve come to finding a relevant menu is in sync: usb b settings, which can set CC in, but doesn’t have an option for CC out.

Not only do the buttons not currently send midi, but my faders and knobs also do not result in any incoming midi info (as seen in Live’s upper right corner), so even if the play button itself will not ultimately send midi info, I think I’ve still gotten something wrong, as I expect that you can at least use the faders as midi interfaces.

Thanks in advance for any help!

you have been to bank E and then gone through shift+pad settings?

setting up midi is very easy indeed and is all done in the midi bank - of course you need to open sync settings also and tick correct boxes

buttons send midi, faders too, all work just fine and are configurable to any CC - you can also decide if you want 1 - 4 midi banks

search ‘midi’ in the pdf, midi section is near the back

as for syncing a daw to an external machine that is not using smpte or other timecode :rofl: to that one, not laughing at you but that is a game that is not worth playing

hahaha yeah I got everything ready to go, pressed play, and immediately realized that wasn’t gonna work lol.
So the play button will send the midi information necessary to map an on/off message to Live, but only in a midi bank? Again, just to clarify, I’m trying to map the play button, not the a or b buttons. I got my faders working in the midi bank, but not the other buttons (F keys, etc)

aaah ok sorry, i focused in on you saying your faders were not working etc and i skipped over your play button and i saw nothing mentioned about F buttons. my instructions were purely around that , is live so bad you want it not to be the master clk?

2400 does not send mmc acc: to the midi implementation (using aug 21 so maybe has been updated?) and i see no way to map the play button or F buttons so you are out of luck there, i have had the 2400 hooked to midi ox and no messages are connected to play or F buttons

There is no MIDI mapping of function keys.
The Run/Stop button is not directly mapped, but incoming MMC messages are supported, and incoming and outgoing MIDI start, stop, and continue messages are supported.

Is MIDI program change supported yet? I really want to use theS2400 live and controlling both MIDI program change across the band’s rig - along with samples and sequencing would be amazing - but program change is required to make the rest work.

No it doesn’t send program change at this time ungortunately. But I think I heard from someone in the team it’s coming in the next firmware a few months ago.

Hopefully that wasn’t a dream.

I really need this to!