Struggling with midi banks

Hey folks. This should be fairly simple, but I’m having a real time trying to figure out how to implement the midi channels.

In this case I am trying to record midi to control some kontakt instruments. I have a keyboard plugged into USB host, and my sync settings are set to USBH.

When I go to bank E I am seeing the light response on the E1 pad when I play the keyboard. Then I go into kontakt to set up the midi there. When I go to midi input settings I see the 2400 and select port A. On my kontakt instrument I select midi channel 1. Then I select the midi channel on the 2400 and make sure that I have midi going in from the usb host, channel 1. Still the midi instrument doesn’t sound when play my keyboard. When I use the cursor to play a key on the screen I get a sound.

This may seem like a very basic question, but how do I know where midi is going when I send it from the 2400 to my computer? I realize this might not be a problem with the unit so much as my understanding, but I would appreciate the help.


I am making some progress, but I have new issues now. I can only seem to send notes though channel 1, and midi focus mode seems to lock out any note input instead of allowing me to input into a given track. Has anyone had this issue?

My midi controller is a CME XKey. Are there any known issues with this controller?