USB Host not working for me

I have two 25 key controllers. The Akai LPK25 and a Korg 25 microKEY. Both power up when I connect them to the USB Host port. I went to Shift/Sync settings and checked “Notes in” under USB Host. Then I press a pad loaded with a sample (ex Bass). But when I press the keys on the controller I get no sound.

I guess I’m missing something… or this only works when using MIDI synths/modules?


Hi jmsilva22,

This should work OK. I’m using a Midi Fighter controller via the USB host port and it works fine. Can you see anything coming in using the Midi Monitor? (Sync menu)…you should see midi stuff coming in when you hit a pad on the controller. Do you have the correct midi channel receive per pad set up on the 2400? Think it defaults to 10. I had to change each pad to 3 to work with my particular controller.

Cheers mate,


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Thank you so much. Will try this asap.

Quick update: Got it to work. I had the Midi Channels at default setting. Appreciate the help! :sunglasses: