Usb HOST not sending or receiving midi - ideas?

using the vertical usb port - i do believe this is called host as B is the printer style input

i am trying to get it to send midi - nothing happens nor does it show any midi input in the monitor when sending from the external device - all boxes are ticked that i can see

the device i am trying to send midi to is fine when i connect the din plug which makes it more frustrating

feel like a noob :rofl: must be something very obvious i am forgetting

i should add that i plugged the device into maschine and cubase just to check, and it is sending and receiving midi fine, just nothing from 2400 in either direction - the device is being powered by 2400 host port but i do not see why that would stop midi and that is what the port is for anyway

ideas on postcards please

Did you set up the USB host to send midi in the Sync menu? Also, if you are using a MIDI channel, you’ll have to enable midi output to the host jack too

yes, as above i have all boxes ticked that i can think of - midi in and out in usb host, midi channel matches on track settings, pitched mode and so on

i can play my device from itself - it is heard through the 2400 input monitor so that is fine - no midi shows up though, no midi leaves either -

one usb host connection is all

it shouldn’t be this hard tbf - as i say, i must be missing something stupid, i hope i am - that or the usb host has buggered itself

the device i am trying to use with the 2400 has been checked with other gear inc. computers x 2 and it sends and receives fine…

Have you tried powering your ‘device’ via a dedicated PSU?

well my understanding of the whole thing of the usb host port is to send power to small devices such as a controllers etc - which it does
it is failing in other parts though - clearly i am a limited case here with my requirements and maybe the port doesn’t have enough juice for what i need, i could accept that to some degree and move on but i see no reason why i can power something and play it but not get midi to it from the 2400 - midi is hardly using much power to send, hence my confusion

Fully understood…I was just asking because I have come across similar situations with other bits of kit that can ‘host’ other devices and powering the ‘guest’ device has sorted it. You are right about midi in theory not needing much juice, still gotta be worth a try powering the other device?

BTW I am joining in on the forum from time to time but don’t actually have my unit yet! but I will be testing the hell out of it once I get it and this will on the list albeit with a small USB controller keyboard that has no internal sound engine.