USB Midi Sp404 MK2 + S2400

Hello everyone,

Bit of a random one,
I was considering buying a 16 x controller and realised the sp404 would do the trick as I sometimes like to finger drum on the 16 x set-up.

I was trying to use the sp404mk2 pads to trigger the pads/samples from the s2400 via the USB-c port to the USB Host port on the s2400.

I set the 404 to send midi note info to the 2400, and set the 2400 to receive notes via the USB Host, but nada, nothing at all, I fiddled with settings on both and had no luck.

Just wondering if anyone has had this working via USB on both devices?

Huge thanks

I’m having same issue here. So far it has not worked at all :frowning:

I even wrote to Roland.
It’s crazy fun the S2400 and SP404MK2.
Either S2400 into SP404MK2 or
SP404MK2 into S2400.

If these two could be connected via midi, it would be a beast of killer, making dope beats on the regular, a Bonnie and Clyde match made in heaven, terrorising the music scene…

Gotcha okay, might try another cable and see if its that, if not, no biggie.