USB host port functioning or am i doing something wrong?


i get power out of it to small midi keyboard, it will accept nothing into it however

turn on midi monitor and no activity , no clock, no notes , nothing

am i missing something very obvious?

usb B port shows any activity i send and accepts clock, transport etc

i thought maybe the host port should not work this way but then why give the options if that is true, it has clock out etc but i cannot make it work. If i set clock to USB host and USB host to receive transport i get no response, like i say - the midi monitor shows zero activity



bumping this

i have usb host sending power to little midi controller, i have options of notes in, clock, in , velo in, goto 2400 midi monitor - nothing is showing.

i just want to know if this is supposed to operate, if others are getting this port working or is it something we are waiting for -

You should see activity in the MIDI Monitor regardless of the Sync menu settings (ie. you’ll see Notes even without ‘Notes In’ enabled). What MIDI controller is it? Is it definitely class compliant?

Also, try rebooting the controller whilst the S2400 is already powered on (or just remove and replug the USB cable). Does that kick it into life?

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bleedin USB :rofl:

thanks @rozz3r - unplugging worked :flushed:, this is in complete contrast to using a daw - seems 2400 wants to see the controller come on after itself which is fine of course, i wish all things operated that way tbf but i did not even consider it as i am used to the other method

great and now i know - thankyou again

Cool. Every controller we tested with seems ok on startup, so it might be that we need to test more. Can you confirm what controller you’re using?

not as yet no sorry , it is unreleased equipment but it is simple usb cable, mini to host

power supply for controller is coming from 2400 so when i power up 2400 the controller comes on - i would just expect the port to be working at that point as the controller works that way with my pc no issues, unplugging from 2400 wakes it up so for me i am ok

Ah I see, fair enough. As I said, all the controllers we’ve tested with the current release work fine when powered up together with the S2400. It could be there’s a bug with the controller (if it’s in beta stages) or we need to test with more controllers. Will keep an eye out and see if anyone else reports similar problems.

i just spotted the class compliant comment above

i will dig into this at this end -

tbf i don’t really enjoy usb, i honestly ignore it as much as possible but the convenience in this case is too much to ignore.

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thought i would reply to you as you took the time - i also leave this here for anyone on future

yesterday the 2400 dropped the controller again and would not accept it no matter what -

i added a psu to my controller this a.m and the 2400 works fine, no glitches, no lost notes, accepts clock and slaves perfectly all via usb host- seems the host port can only put out a very small amount of power and maybe my controller needs a little more than the 2400 can manage

not sure how it was envisaged/specced but i imagine it was not designed to power things and accept shedloads of data

Thanks for the follow up. The USB host port on the S2400 is compliant. I suspect that your unreleased controller is drawing more current than the USB spec allows for (500 mA max), and may have difficulties with other hardware as well.

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yeah i think so too , this is why i did the follow up

i am sure most controllers out there will be fine, this just needs a bit more juice is all

glad i actually thought about the psu tbf, it was bloody annoying me - you know when you are triple checking every little detail and you really shouldn’t be hahahaaa, life lessons