Update on next batch of shipments

I know this will probably cause a few eyes to roll, but there was an update regarding the units that came by boat (they arrived in NYC a couple of weeks ago)?

Obviously, these units take quite some time to assemble but I was wondering roughly (if anyone knew) how much more would the new batch bring us up to date in terms of shipping? I can’t remember the month/year the last batch brought us up to.

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For reference, it took approximately 11-12 weeks from the day they started assembling machines from the 1st batch (nov. 16th 2020) to the day they shipped the last machines of this first batch (feb. 3rd 2021)…

Custom clearnance of the first batch took 2-3 weeks…

Batch 2 extrapolation :
Arrival of the batch 2 at Isla’s : end of feb. 2021
Shipment of the last units of the batch 2 : end of may 2021

I believe Brad estimated the boat shipment would bring it up through January 2021 orders, but don’t quote me. Based off of a mashup of forum posts, facebook, youtube stream and instagram updates in my RAM. I find the ISLA Instruments S2400 - Page 109 - Gearslutz thread compiles all the info. Somehow, someway - it all seems to finds it’s way there. (PSA: DO NOT abandon this forum for that one - you will quickly lose sanity)

I’m am certain that Brad mentioned on the Flux livestream that this second assembly should be a bit quicker than previous. The first batch they had to work out the best process of assembly, and had fewer hands. They now have the production line flow worked out and will be adding/ have added team members to the assembly process.