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What’s the name of the french house track Mr. Holland was referring to? @bradholland

Fantastic update, thanks so much.

Is it tough right now to give a timeline for release?

So sorry to hear about the lack of available part for more units, fingers crossed things get sorted soon.

So, firstly this looks fantastic. But now I have questions -

Does the cc really cover everything? So the filter parameters, all envelope curves, pitch/transpose etc?

Assuming the audio over USB is pre- any of the analog output filtering etc going on and straight from the internal digital engine - that correct? In case there is some sort of internal resampling happening to capture the analog output side.

Yes, CC for everything.
USB Audio is purely digital, pre- analog filters.

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Intro - Alan Braxe and Fred Falke

Check this out if you have not seen it as well and like house music:


That cc is a big deal for me, that’s great news. Cheers for the reply.

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Sorry for the basic question but how does it work concerning volume?
What is reflected? Volume set in level mode recorded in the sequencer? Volume set in the waveform editor?

Oh yeah also this may have been in vid and I missed - does it both send and receive MIDI cc for all these parameters? Because that would be really next level.

CC for everything is very cool : )

Are we close to release?

Will there be smoothing on the CCs for stepless/zipperless sweeps/fades?

@bradholland Will the soundcard be class compliant?

Hey @ericblackley it is class compliant, but you may need ASIO for all on windows to use it as an aggregate device(in conjunction with your normal audio interface). On the Mac side I can confirm “it just works” even at low-ish buffer settings(128samples).

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I’m probably going to hook mines upto the Ipad with AUM controlling the channels, if that works it will be perfect on so many levels i.e. I can stay away from a DAW

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The USB being digital only/pre analog filters…I guess the workaround is resampling everything through the circuitry (33 to 45 etc) when you make a track?

I think it’s only the output aliasing filters which you lose, which default to off anyway. The track filters will still be recorded via USB I believe.

That 45 at 33 resampling trick is more for sounds that have come into S2400 digitally (usb or SD card).

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Would love to know as well :blush:

USB audio bypasses the analog antialiasing filter, I do notice that the audio is a bit crispier over USB. Its not a dramatic difference, but a difference nonetheless. I would like to see the ability to do this over the analog output as well for that little extra.


Couldn’t tell which question you replied to, but you’re talking about USB audio bypassing the analog anti-aliasing output filters right? 100% makes sense, but the input filters (question above from @jonesy101 ) - USB can’t possibly bypass those, the audio is IN the machine…


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@juniorg yes the output filters :slight_smile:

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