The Caladan Voice cards I would like much, and not named till now

for this Projekt, every voice in the room soo far sounds nice and makes Caladan richer.

The ones I would like much, and not named
till now
“Yahama CS voice card”

“Norand voice card”
(modulation Worth looking at)

“Polivoks voice card”
(filter Worth looking at)

“Majella Implexus”
(way for adding harmonics Worth looking at)

(hope for full space use full on evey card and when not ,additional different filter / overDrive circuit would aded to give more caracter options, audio rate modulation can bring in much too)


so re
cs was named Caladan Voice cards - #22 by JMG8

a card in the style of
McDsp APB-16/8
woud be a nice ad

This mindset is going to produce disappointment. There’s a ton of work that goes into each card and r&d takes a ton of time and money. We are probably going to get three “types” of cards:

  1. cards that Brad & Co have intrinsic interest in. The Caladan itself is a product of this with the Parva-style cards, but also the specific iteration of the FM card (notice how it’s not Yamaha DX-style or even Casio CZ).

  2. “no duh” easy sellers. MiniMoog, 303, and maybe even the CS80 card since it’s legendary and effectively unobtainable. Cards where the competitors are either expensive originals and unsatisfactory reproductions. The Caladan becomes an economical space saver when you get put a MiniMoog voice, a 303 voice, along with a couple voices for a polysynth.

  3. third party, which will be specific and sort of a sister to the first type, just done outside of Isla. There may be cool stuff that comes out of this and it’s probably your best bet. Actually your best bet to make it happen is to MAKE IT HAPPEN. If you think it’s a viable product, the Caladan seems like it’s designed so you can do it.

I think we all kind of know this but I’m bracing for the inevitable whinging because Isla has to cater to the market to a non-insignificant degree and people are mad that the Caladan isn’t designed to their personal workflow/taste. You can already kind of see it with the S2400 and people pointing out the sequencer’s “deficiencies” compared to, say, Elektron, when they’re completely different animals.