Caladan Voice cards

Interested to hear your thoughts on what cards would be of most value to you.
Personally, I’m leaning to SEM as the first, followed by analogue percussion and quad OPL3 FM.

  • Quad OPL3 (YMF262) 72voice FM card
  • Analogue Percussion card
  • CEM / SSI cards (80s generic analog)
  • Mini Moog card
  • SH-101 card
  • Jupiter 8 voice card
  • TB-303 card
  • SEM / OB-X card
  • String machine card
  • Andromeda Voice Architecture card (Moog 921b w/sub oscillator SEM Filter 12db Moog 904a 24db LPF)
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Love the idea of an Oberheim SEM Four Voice in a desktop format. Also the TX inspired FM style engines (which I think is sorely missing on the market) and of course the analog percussion (Which could be played via MIDI on an actual electronic drum kit for that authentic Simmons type feel). The idea of having all these in a single unit is just mouth watering.


SDS-3 and SY-1 together.


Some fresh funky sound like the KORG Trident, as there is nothing like that on the market at the moment


A dual or quad SID expansion card would be amazing!


Definitely Jupiter 8 for me! There is no affordable Jupiter 8 analog poly that I can see: a vintage Jupiter 8 $25k+, Ise-Nin $4k, Roland Boutique JP-08 uses ACB, Roland Jupiter X, Xm uses Zencore. I have a Studio Electronics Code 8 that can accept their Juno/Jupiter voice filter boards, but they don’t really sound like the Jupiter, as they are just slightly tweaked ARP filters. So please make a Jupiter 8 card!


Seconding Brad’s choices. SEM and a decent FM synth would be fantastic. Drums would be great as well, so long as the sound holds up!!

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